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Thinking Green this Spring

I am happy this spring to see that our 6 trees planted last fall made it thru the winter and are leafing out for the growing season. Bluebirds are already busy raising families in the new bird boxes built by Ron Young.  Our resident doves are back and nesting under the eaves.  Hummingbirds are back in the area too.  If you want to feed them, mix juice for them by briefly boiling 1 part sugar to 4 parts water; no need to add red food coloring.  Keep your feeders clean and filled with fresh juice.
In case you missed it in the Times Free Press, March 3, 2022 an article describes a new treaty being formulated by 175 nations that will restrict the global explosion of plastic pollution.  The agreement, modeled after the 2015 Paris Agreement on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, commits nations to improve recycling and clean up the world’s plastic waste.  The treaty will be legally binding, specifying limits on single use  plastics, redesign packaging to cut down on plastic use, address microplastics in the environment, and focus on the full life of plastics--production to disposal.  Financial and technical assistance will be available to developing nations.
A treaty on plastics could be in place as early as 2024.  Good news for the entire planet.
Sign seen in a ditch in south Georgia: “Beauty dies where litter lies.”  If you see trash blowing around, please pick it up and dispose of it properly.
For the Earth Care Team,

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